Cocktails with a Christmas twist

It's crept up on us once again, yep that's right the festive season is upon us for another year (anyone else feel like last Christmas was literally last week?). But, nonetheless, Christmas lights are twinkling in every corner, Mariah Carey seems to be continuously on repeat wherever you go and shops are filled with gifts no one really needs or, sorry shops, wants. 

December is the time for over eating and over drinking; panic buying the latest bath bomb for your Aunt you haven’t seen all year, and generally over consuming as much as possible. Tis’ the season to squeeze in all those last-minute catch ups with friends you’ve been ‘meaning to see all year’ and what better way to do this than when the alcohol is flowing and festive cheer is in the air. If you’re after a cocktail to truly get you in the festive spirit come and try one of our limited-edition Christmas cocktails.

Gingerbread Martini:

A taste of Christmas straight from the oven. The perfect combination of sweet and spicy gingerbread mixed with acidic lime and spiced Rum, this Gingerbread Martini is an adult version of running downstairs on Christmas morning to the smell of freshly baked cookies, with an added (optional) hangover thrown in to really make you feel like a grown up.

50 ml Oka Bacardi
15 ml Gingerbread Monin
6 Lime Wedges
10 ml Gomme


Christmas can’t possibly be complete without at least one of Santa’s Reindeer, even if he is in cocktail form (disclaimer – no actual reindeer were harmed in the making of this cocktail). But, If you’re looking for a cocktail to satisfy your sweet craving then you’ve come to the right place, combining salted caramel, gingerbread and Baileys to create, what Christmas is all about - pure indulgence.

12.5ml Baileys
12.5ml Yogurt bolls
75ml Half n Half
25ml Stoli Salted caramel Vodka
10 ml Gingerbread Monin
4 Raspberries

White Christmas

A white Christmas is something every child dreams of and as an adult this isn’t much different. There’s something magical about the idea of everything being hidden by a white icy blanket, now we can’t magic this up but we can create a white Christmas cocktail, which we think is the next best thing...  maybe even better?

25 ml Salted Caramel
25 ml Frangelico
50 ml Half ‘n’ Half
20 ml Hazelnut Monin

And have yourself a merry little cocktail…

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