Whether you are a vegan, vegetarian, meat eater or cannibal (ok, we’re all for making your own choices, but maybe steer clear of this one)! But, whatever diet you choose to follow, January seems to be the time when everybody wants to adopt a healthier eating regime or lifestyle. Be it joining a gym (which only lasts the month), trying a crazy fad diet, generally eating healthier or trying Veganuary, a month of only eating plant-based foods, January seems to be the time to adopt one of these. 

Veganuary is a charity inspiring people to try a vegan diet for the whole of January to encourage people to try new dishes which they may not of thought about eating before, to think about the impact on the environment and of course the animals. It is becoming more and more popular year on year with people trying the diet for the month and carrying over all or aspects of it into their day-to-day life. Adopting characteristics of a vegan diet is becoming more and more popular with 28% of people in the UK identifying themselves as meat reducers following the flexitarian diet, and 3.5 million people in the UK identifying as a vegan, encouraging restaurants to offer exciting vegan dishes that aren’t your standard salad or pasta dishes. Whether you’re following the diet for yourself, the environment or the animals or not following the diet at all but simply want to experiment with new flavour combinations and dishes January is the time to give it a go.

Here at Aruba we have been continuously trying to introduce vegan options into our menu by creating flavoursome plant-based dishes such as our Sweet Potato, Black Bean & Pea Dahl, an Indian/ Caribbean inspired dish combining a variation of ingredients and spices to create a mild yet flavoursome curry served with Vegan Naan and Plantain or by tweaking our classics such as Aruba nachos to offer it with Vegan Chilli & Vegan Cheese as an alternative to ensure whatever your dietary choice is, you don’t miss out. Of course, not forgetting the healthy vegan dishes as well, which is why 2 of our 4 salads are vegan, (the other two being vegetarian, sorry!). Salads can often be thought of as boring, (cue iceberg lettuce, cucumber and tomato on repeat) but seeing as there’s nothing better than getting those greens we thought we would jazz them up a little. Starting with our Raw Bowl consisting of a mix of fresh veg, black beans served with chilli & avocado mash & naan bread a tasty way to stock up on those nutrients, secondly our Rice & Bean Shoot Salad, a tasty Japanese twist to a salad served with baby spinach, ripped nori sheets & ginger dressing.

This year Aruba are proud to be supporting Veganuary by encouraging our customers to try our vegan dishes whether you are vegan, vegetarian or just want to try something new. We will be offering 20% off of all of our vegan dishes across our menu for you to try just quote 'Veganuary'.

So why not pop by and see what takes your fancy?