Rum Sundays are Back at Aruba

Kick back Caribbean style this August 27th

We’re proud to serve the best cocktails in Bournemouth all year round at Aruba.  And on August 27th, we’ll be celebrating the Caribbean’s favourite spirit in particular with the latest of our legendary Rum Sundays.

Authentic Caribbean entertainment

Bring your loudest shirt, your dancing shoes and a laid back attitude. We’ll take care of the Caribbean. Hot off our grill, we’ll be serving authentic dishes from Jamaica and Barbados, including spicy jerk chicken, fish curry, fried plantain and of course rice and blackbeans.  

Live music

Courtesy of Afro*Disiac*Live, there will be classic reggae, soul, jazz, funk, RnB, rare groove and calypso on the turntables, courtesy of DJ’s Eden Roots, Leeroy, Sleek Ray, Johnny Reggae, and live music from the Faze 3 Steel Band. 

Specialty Caribbean rums

Our classic cocktails are made with only the best Caribbean rums from Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. Prepare for a surprise. A world away from the fiery, brash white rums you’ll find in most bars or clubs, these are light, subtle blends with a wonderful sugar cane aroma and light honey colour.

Our Brugal Anejo rum from the Dominican Republic is aged for up to five years in oak barrels then distilled to remove the harsher flavours. The result is a clean, smooth rum you could sip on its own, with a buttery flavour and chocolatey, woody finish.

The Brugal Blanco is a white rum, but one that’s filtered three times after ageing in oak barrels. This one is crisp and citrusy with a hint of vanilla, a perfect match for a tropical fruit cocktail.

From Jamaica, we bring the legendary Wray & Nephew rum, a fruity overproof white rum with hints of molasses and a kick like a mule. They take Wray & Nephew very seriously in Jamaica, so we make sure to do it justice in our punches.

Classic cocktails

Our beach bar will be serving rum punches, cocktails and sundowners all afternoon. Try a classic Mojito with Brugal Blanco, sugar and fresh mint, or Aruba’s Rum Punch, with Brugal Spiced and Anejo Rums along with fresh orange, lime and pineapple juices. You’ll also find the only bar this side of the Bermuda Triangle serving Ting Wray, a refreshing but wicked blend of Wray & Nephew rum and Ting grapefruit soda. Pace yourself with this one!

Liming Time

We’re pretty confident that Aruba will have the best lime going over Bank Holiday. Not just the type we squeeze into our cocktails, but the type you’ll find in places like Trinidad & Tobago, where it’s rated as highly as cricket and carnival. It’s simple. Grab a rum punch, find a spot to stretch out with friends, and you’re liming Caribbean style. Banter will never be the same again.

Join us for our first Rum Sunday on August 27 from 2pm to 8pm. Tickets to the event are free, but you’ll need to book early to guarantee a spot. This is your chance to enjoy the best spirit on the best spot in Bournemouth.